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      We are pioneer in education software. We develop mainstream as well as peripheral of education related software, covering from school operation software to E-Learning on CD. We are providing service to school software needs since year 2003.

One of the Top Universities in Philippines is our Client !!!

      We have mastered the school process by a very through requirement study and process flow analysis in small to medium and very large size school as well as universities. We have experienced complete life cycle of school management software development from scratch to complete implementation & training. Due to our in-depth knowledge in school management software, we are able to provide solutions that not only help the school in their operations but as well help them in perfecting their process flow.

      We have developed a complete school management software “SchoolAutomate” to answer all the needs of school administration and as well as parents and students. As of first quarter 2008, nine universities are using SchoolAutomate.

  In Brief about SchoolAutomate                               Link me to SchoolAutomate
  • Platform Independent. Built on Java/ Jsp with robust database
  • Complete integrated system operation in single installation.
  • Internet or intranet implementation
  • Integrated RFID and Biometric attendance system for eDTR, Gate Security, Internet Usage tracking and Library.
  • Most comprehensive reporting & statistical data
  • Multilevel security implementation
  • Integrated RFID technology for eWallet, Canteen and other School Services

You can choose to

  1. Customize SchoolAutomate to fit your needs.

  2. Design and develop a new school application software to fit your needs.

  3. Add and enhance tons of features on top of SchoolAutomate.

    The best you get is from us !!!
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