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 What GTI Software brings to your business:  
  Reduced cost  
  Reduced design & implementation
  Lessen time to market  
  Increase efficiency and competitive ability  
  Streamline product design and
  Skilled Professional @ 24/7  
US Office
  Address #5450 Montery Road,
#29, San Jose, CA 95111
  Mobile +1 408 375 5622  
  Tel # +1 408 629 0389
GTI Development
  Address Unit 11 - 2/F Romulo's Bldg, Zone 6, San Isidro, Talisay City, Cebu - 6045
  Mobile +63 920 917 5823  
  Tel # +63 32 273-7540
Software Outsourcing Company

      GTI Software is a well established software company, and a leader in Software development focused on providing the best and most cost-effective solutions to small, medium and large businesses. Solutions that help businesses, organizations and individuals to save overhead cost, increase quality and efficiency.

      We, at GTI Software, recognize the value of the business, its efficiency, cost effectiveness, on-time and high quality product delivery. We have achieved this by strategic global model combining the best technology available with unparalleled expertise and innovation by highly skilled workforce of GTI Software. We bring you the best of savings and superior quality of offshore development. We offer unmatched cost savings and commitment to deliver premium quality product on time.

Check our very successful, platform indepedent product SchoolAutomate(made on java/JSP/AJAX) used by many small & big Universities, Colleges, Highschools and Elementary schools.
 Link me to SchoolAutomate  
  • Complete integrated system operation in single installation.
  • Integrated RFID and Biometric attendance system for eDTR, Gate Security, Internet Usage tracking and Library.
  • Most comprehensive reporting & statistical data
  • Multilevel security implementation
  • Integrated RFID technology for eWallet, Canteen and other School Services making the school a cash free campus.
  • Online exam available 24/7 for student prepared by faculties of school making it a school wide standard education.

      Our Client-driven approach and commitment to deliver Software solutions that exceed our client's expectation makes us different from other outsourcing companies in the market. For every single project we not only offer supreme quality product but also we study, analyze, research and provide right solution at a very affordable cost.

      We provide solutions that match your budget and schedule. With GTI, your IT is in good hands @ 24/7. Let GTI professionals handle your IT needs so you can be free and focused on your core business expansion and extension.

This is what we provide to our clients @ 24/7

  Offshore Software Development @24/7  
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