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      We provide a wide range of Services in multiple sectors. Our Knowledge and expertise is not limited to the sectors we are currently offering. Through many years of working in Software Development, we have gained in-depth knowledge in various skills and have hands on experience in multiple domain. Our knowledge and process is unique in its own way, we get your specification, we engineer it and make it best suit to your needs.

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In all the sectors we provide

New Development

      Are you feeling this is the time to computerize operation or you need to change your existing software to a new software having advantage of cutting edge technology, here is the answer, we provide new development using the best available technology. You give your requirement and we make the best available matching exactly what you need – better and more but never less. We provide

  • Requirement study, System Analysis and Design

  • System development, testing and QA

  • Delivery/Implementation

  • Warranty


      If you have existing working software and want to upgrade either application platform or data base upgrade, then here we are to provide these at best possible way. We do porting from

  • One platform to other

  • Migrating database from one to other

  • Fine tuning of database

Maintenance and Feature enhancement

      If you have working software but you are not yet ready to change to a new software, we provide exactly what you need – Maintenance and Feature enhancement. With this you enjoy your comfortability with existing application and at same time enhancing its usage by

  • Adding more new feature to your application

  • Reducing bugs by error correction methods

  • Fine tuning database

  • Support @ 24/7

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