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      Use of Hand-held device has significantly increased over last few years. Hand-held devices represent a significant advance in computer technology and its mobility has gained popularity among the users ranging from professionals to faculty and students. Due to being extremely mobile and low cost handheld devices are used merely everywhere from restaurant to office, class rooms.

      Looking at fast growing hand-held Mobile market, we at GTI have dedicated team to supply this high demand. Our team has proven a strong track record of Hand-held application development in areas of

  Custom Design / development  
  Educational Software  
  Life style application  
  Database based applications  
  Game development  
  QA and Testing  

Programming Language :

Handheld Palm and Pocket PC
RAD Code warrior, EVC 3.0 and higher
Java Mobile J2ME

      Due to having very strong background in mobile development, we are able to offer a very cost effective and rapid development. Please Contact us to discuss on your hand-held device development needs.

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